Experience first time amazing stain removal on greasy stains. Our Oxi Action formula acts on stains in an easy-to-use spray. Effectively removes oily stains such as food grease, cooking oil and lipstick from your clothes.



  • Amazing stain removal results first time
  • Our best for greasy and oily stains
  • Easy application, spray directly onto tough stains
What It Works On

What It Works On

Safe to use on everyday fabrics such as cotton and polyester, as well as colours and clothes. Whether you need to remove grease stains from fabric on a work uniform or greasy food stains out of your baby’s bib, Vanish is a versatile and effective stain remover. It can be used for all kinds of greasy messes on your clothes.

Learn how to remove food and drink stains with Vanish!

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How To Use

Spray directly onto tough stains—from grease marks to food grease, cooking oils and sweat, makeup,
lipstick or dirt.

How to Use
  1. Open: Spray and saturate stained area completely.
  2. Spray: Leave for 1-5 mins (max) and rub fabric lightly as necessary.
  3. Wash: Wash by the following garment care instructions.
For best results treat stain immediately. If in doubt, test on a small, inconspicuous area before full application. Always follow the instructions on the back of the packaging. Some stains may require a second treatment after wash.




Contains: Hydrogen Peroxide 35g/L

Safety directions


Irritant. Eye and skin irritant. Avoid direct contact of powder with skin and eyes. After use, rinse hands well and for sensitive skin, the use of gloves is advised. Do not swallow. Hydrogen peroxide in product may sometimes have a temporary whitening effect on skin. Do not mix with other products.


To achieve the best results with a degreaser for clothes, it’s important to follow the product instructions and prepare the area appropriately. Here’s what you need to do before applying Vanish Oxi Action Degreaser Stain Remover Spray.


  1. Act quickly or the grease stain will set, making it harder to remove.
  2. Avoid using water as it coats oil stains; it’s best to remove oil stains from dry fabric.
  3. Blot the stain gently with a cloth.
  4. Change the dirty cloth for a clean one.


In a few simple steps, your grease stains can disappear. Try the Vanish Gold powders range and see for yourself today.


This product should not be used on carpets or upholstery. Try our Vanish Preen 3in1 Stain Removal Spray which is designed to remove stains and odours from these materials.

We recommend using the Oxi Action Spray in combination with our Vanish Gold Powders Range to not only tackle tough stains and remove unpleasant odours but to brighten colours and keep your whites white too!

To open a Vanish spray bottle, simply twist the cap on the nozzle from the ‘OFF’ position to the ‘ON’ position. Then, when you’re finished treating your stain, return the cap to the ‘OFF’ position.