Body Soil on Whites

How To Remove Body Soil Stains

For WHITES use Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Crystal White Gel for a whitening boost 

Body Soil on clothes – For Whites

Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Crystal White Gel 


Step 1

Mix 100ml of Vanish Oxi Action gel in 7L of warm water (max 40°).

Step 2

Soak item for 6 hours max.

Step 3

Place pod with 60ml dose (front load) or 100ml (top load) dose into your washing machine and wash as usual with your detergent.

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Expert Tips

With most protein based stains e.g. body soil, it is important to put cold water on the stain. Heat can actually change the chemical structure of the protein stain, making it much harder to remove. Simply agitate and soak the stained item of clothing in cold water. 

Wash the stain under cold water as an initial treatment for the stain.

Then once you have Vanish, follow the instructions above to remove the stain.

 Cannot say completely remove can say help remove

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Body fluid stains can be a problem, especially for those of us with young babies/children and for anyone wearing a light shirt that can so often suffer from a dirty collar after a full day at the office. These stains can be treated and removed from your clothes with Vanish Oxi Action products. Follow the instructions below to help remove these stains from  your clothing.