Did you know about quick wash cycles?

Each laundry cycle serves a specific purpose, ensuring your clothes are cleaned effectively. From delicate to heavy-duty and regular cycles, washing machines offer many options. Sometimes, we don’t fully understand why we should use a given setting.

Most people in Australia rely on a normal wash cycle lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour. 76% of Aussies run their typical load for longer than 30 minutes.

But did you know about short cycles?

Short cycles—or quick cycles—are usually 30 minutes long. Many machines generally set the default temperature at 30 or 40°C, but many of them allow you to manually change it to the desired temperature.

Short cycles are a good option if you’re frustrated with how long washing your clothes usually lasts.

The pros of washing in a quick cycle vs a long cycle

1. Washing in a quick cycle helps you save time.

Quick wash cycles are designed to be a time-saving solution for your laundry. They're perfect for those moments when you’re pressed for time. Have a one-hour lunch break? No problem—you can start your short cycle and get back to your day!

But there are many other benefits to washing your clothes in a shorter wash cycle.

2. Washing in a quick cycle can be more gentle on your clothes.

Do you know the way you wash your clothes can affect them?

Quick-wash laundry cycles can often be gentler on clothing as your clothing spends less time in the wash and especially if you select lower temperatures. For example, lower temperatures are often better at ensuring there is no gradual loss of colour from your clothing.

The research conducted by the University of Leeds*, found that fabric lost less colour and fibres when washed in cold, short cycles when compared to warm longer cycles.

Quicker, cooler washes have less colour-loss during washing when compared to warmer cycles, meaning your clothes can stay bright. Additionally, your clothes will lose fewer fibres, meaning they will remain thick longer.

As clothes stay bright and thick for longer, it will take a longer time before you may have to discard them, helping with textile waste issues.

Short Cycles can be more gentle on clothes

3. Washing in a quick cycle can reduce energy consumption and microfibres release.

Shorter wash cycles, especially when paired with a cold temperature like 20°C, can significantly reduce your energy consumption - switching from a hot to a cold wash can help save up to 80% on energy^!

Besides, as mentioned previously, a quicker, cooler wash means fewer microfibres are released into wastewater when clothes are washed.

Quick wash cycle vs tough stains

It is often believed that quick cycles can’t effectively lift tough stains.

But at Vanish, we’re all about making your laundry days as effortless as possible. It’s about time we made this ‘short cycle = an ineffective clean’ a thing of the past.

Discover Vanish Gold Pro, our most advanced stain-removal formula in cold and short 30-minute cycles. Thanks to its cold wash catalyst technology combined with our well-known Oxi Action formula, this stain removal powder removes the toughest stains at 20°C and in only 30 minutes, helping you save precious time. Thanks to Vanish, whether it’s food, starch, greasy or outdoor stains, you can now remove tough stains in just 30 minutes. Just add 1 scoop to your washing machine alongside your detergent!

Vanish Gold Pro can remove stains even in short cycles


Vanish Gold Pro Stain Remover Powder


Vanish Gold Pro Crystal White Stain Remover Powder


How to

  1. In-Wash: Just add one scoop in every wash, alongside your regular detergent.
  2. Wash even at 20 degrees and in 30 minutes!


Forget about the old ways of washing. With Vanish Gold Pro, you don't have to sacrifice time to get the best stain removal results. Choose a quick wash cycle, relax and say goodbye to the stress of laundry day.

Just remember these tips with every quick cycle wash:

  1. Always check the care label on your clothes
  2. Don’t overload your machine
  3. Use the right detergent
  4. Add one scoop of Vanish Gold Pro Powder to remove stains

Pick up Vanish Gold Pro Powder today and make your laundry days a breeze.

* University of Leeds Research Article - https://www.leeds.ac.uk/news-science/news/article/4524/quicker-and-cooler-is-best-for-clothes

^ https://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/energy-efficiency-and-reducing-emissions/save-energy-in-the-home/reduce-washing-machine-costs-at-home