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Body Soil on Cotton


I am wanting to find out how to get rid of Sweat Stains from School Shirts please. It is not the yellow stain that one normally sees but more of a dark gray look, I have tried soaking for a few hours and then washing, but it appears worse, Thanks for any advice.

Makeup on Cotton


I went to a wedding and was wearing a white cotton/synthetic dress and when I came home I found loads of lipstick stains and someone dropped coke down the front. What should I do? And quick !!!

Grass on Carpets



Coffee on Denim



Other on Carpets


I've got a curry stain on my carpet and have tried for the life of me to get it out! Help!! Anyone with curry removal tips?

Other on Carpets


There was vomit on the carpet. I washed, steamed and tried to boot out the remaining water. Now there is a water stain.

Other on Cotton


I mix vanish liquid with water in a spray bottle instead of buying the spray stain remover. Its cheaper and lasts longer. It works brilliantly.

Other on Carpets


Wax - place thick brown paper over wax on the carpet and carefully iron it, as if you were ironing a shirt, the wax should life easily. Don't leave it in one place run over evenly. I have done this.

Other on Cotton


I see that Julie claims that making a paste and putting on the stain then wash. WELL my wife did that on some of my coloured clothing and now it looks like she tried tye dyed the bonds singlet and my pj bottoms.

Red Wine on Other


If you have stains on marble or granite bench tops, mix vanish to a paste and spread on the stain. Leave for a couple of hours and the stains will vanish

Tea on Other


If your tea cups and mugs are stained inside, fill a sink with hot water and add a capful of Vanish. Soak the cups for a couple of hours and they will come back to white.

Other on Other


I always keep a bucket of water and Napisan mixture in the laundry trough. The family know that anything with a stain is put in that bucket. Also any whites that are off colour. Then on laundry day the contents are put in the washing machine.