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Other on Clothes


Hey guys, just a quick question. I am a drug courier for my best friend and I carry heaps of weed with me so much of the time. The smell is really getting into my clothes and everything. I'm really scared to go anywhere because of the smell. I need immediate help. It'd be great because I'm currently avoiding nearly everyone in my life so I don't get arrested.

Other on Clothes

Distressed mama

My new jeans dye ran in the wash and stained my sons yellow school jumper, any help out there 😳

Other on Clothes


My son has gotten texter on his school shirts! Help?

Other on Cotton


My blue clothes have gone red, please help!

Blood on Denim


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Motor oil and grease on Cotton


Help please! What is the best way to remove grease from towels? They are my favourite towels

Urine on Carpets

Tarrie Stool

When i get REALLY drunk i somtimes suffer from loss of bladder control. When this happens i dont clean it up, but blame the dog and make somone else clean it up

Other on Synthetic


No one wants to talk about it, but your underwear is hard to talk about when you have poo stains! Why throw them out when the poo marks just won’t go away? I just put my undies in the sink and grab a hand held cheese grater and sprinkle a little vanish and boom it’s gone( remember to take dishes out first) if that doesn’t work just cut out the poo marks with scissors and sew in a patch of banana leaf and bobs your uncle😗

Other on Other

Miss McGobbin

Vanish makes the semen disappear from my shirt front I use it everyday an would highly recommend vanish for anybody who doesnt like to swallow.

Other on Other


If you have a burnt saucepan sprinkle Vanish on the bottom and add some hot water. Leave overnight and all the burnt residue will just lift off without heavy scrubbing! Best tip ever given to me.

Red Fruit Juice on Silk

Trent walters

I spill sizzurp on my silky ass jizz wrappa, my gf Chalice ask me if i wanna gun a soak in the, tub and we unliked my stain with this pro-duct, i wood re-command this for anythn staind. Darrn clean re-cord.

Baby Food (Meat) on Clothes

Jandel Von Dutch

Any tips to remove my ass from deez jeans tonight?