Grease & Motor Oil Stain Removal

Grease and motor oil stain clothes and carpets all the time. Many people will throw away clothing affected by these stains after tinkering with a car or small appliance. Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Inwash Gel helps remove grease and motor oil from clothes. Vanish Preen Ultra Degreaser is formulated for grease and oily stains. 


To help get rid of Grease & Motor Oil stains, we recommend using Vanish Preen Ultra Degreaser and Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Gel:

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Vanish Preen Ultra Degreaser Trigger

Pre treating with Vanish Preen with help stain removal.

For best results: Treat and launder stains while fresh.

1) Turn nozzle to ON position

2) Always patch test first

3) Spray onto stained area to saturatem then wait 1-5 minutes. Do not let dry on garment.

4) Wash as usual, following the garment care label instructions.

Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Gel

Apply the gel directly onto the stain, wait 5 minutes and wash normally adding one dose of Vanish Oxi Action Gel to your wash.

Soaking is recommended for tough stains: Dissolve 1/2 a scoop of Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Powder in 7L of warm water (max 40°) and soak the stained item. For both coloured fabrics and whites soak for a minimum of 2 hours. Wash as usual. For best results add one scoop of Vanish to your wash. Repeat application may required for tough stains.

Important:  Always follow the usage instructions on the Vanish packaging. Do not use on wool, silk or leather. Do not pour the product on any metallic parts of the garment (eg buttons and zippers)


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Grease & Motor Oil Stain Removal Tips

If grease or motor oils stains occur, you should treat the stain immediately with hot water, allowing the fabric to remove the stain thoroughly.

Removing Grease & Motor Oil Stains - Handy Tips

If you don't have a Vanish stain removal product on hand then don't worry. We're still able to provide some handy hints on removing stains. Vanish will help you remove the stains even once they have dried-in.

  • Scrape as much as grease or motor oil as possible with the spoon, being careful not to press the stain too hard.
  • Blot the grease stain with paper towel, using a lifting motion until no more of the stain comes off on the paper towel. When home, follow instructions as set out above for best results.

Other Useful Stain Removal Tips

Vanish can help get stains out of carpets as well as ensure you remove make up stains, grass stains and cooking oil stains.

What Causes Grease & Motor Oil To Stain So Badly?

Grease and motor oil stain removal can be tricky because these items tend to have a thick consistency and dark colours. Depending on what type of material is stained and how long the stain has been sitting without treatment it can be very difficult to clean items completely. Fortunately removing grease and motor oil stains is a possiblity with specially formulated Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Gel.