Mayonnaise on white clothes

How To Remove The Stain

For WHITES use Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Crystal White Gel for a whitening boost


Mayonnaise on Clothes – For Whites

Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Crystal White Gel

Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Crystal White Gel

Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Crystal White Gel 




Mix 100ml of Vanish Oxi Action gel in 7L of warm water (max 40°).


Soak item for 1hr (max) for colours or up to 6hrs (max) for whites.


Place pod with 60ml (front load) or 100ml (top load) dose into your washing

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Expert Tips

Mayonnaise is an oil-based food stain, for best results it is important to treat the stain as quickly as possible; oil-based stains can be stubborn when dry. It may be necessary to repeat the stain removal process a few times to help restore the clothing likes its original form. 

Remove as much excess mayo as possible with a dull knife or spoon.

Apply the stain under cold water and let the item stand for several minutes.

Then when you have Vanish, follow the instructions above to remove the stain

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Mayonnaise is a delicious condiment that adds flavour to food, however if you get it on your clothes or fabric it can produce an unsightly stain. Don't worry as Vanish can help you get these stains out and clean  your clothes to look as good as new.