How to Remove: Sweater Stains

As we approach the shortest day of the year, and the temperature continues to fall, a thick sweater can become our most trusted companion. Warm enough to keep out the biting cold, but comfortable enough to act as a blanket for lounging around the house. The masses of fine fibres woven together trap air in between them, which warms up with your body temperature to make sure that you don't lose any essential heat. This trapped air also acts as insulation from the colder air, preventing you from feeling its chill.

The unfortunate problem that this presents, is that as there are so many of these delicate fibres, it creates masses of surface area for stains to coat, making these some of the most difficult clothes stains to clean.

As with every problem, there is a solution - quite literally in this case. A solution of Vanish Gold Oxi Action and cold water can tackle these stains with ease.

The stain removal process for most sweater stains is very similar; but make sure to always follow washing instructions on the garment or fabric care label. The first important factor is often speed. The quicker you set to removing the stain, the greater chance you'll have of removing it. It's important to also remember not to apply heat - as this can 'fix' the stain - and to use a dabbing or blotting action rather than rubbing, as this can cause the colour to fade, or even a hole to form.

Mix 30g of Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder with a full lid of water. Dab the paste on to the stain and leave to soak in for five minutes max. Rinse this out with cold water from the inside, so the staining particles exit the way they entered. Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent and a scoop of Vanish and the stain should disappear. Once you've washed the sweater, do not pick it up by the shoulders as this can cause it to stretch. Keep it scrunched up until you can lay it out flat somewhere to dry.

With hot drinks and hearty meals abound, it may have seemed that with the potential threat of these clothes stains, your sweaters didn't stand a chance. Vanish makes it easy to combat these stains, so you can enjoy your winter.