Fighting Stains at the Sauce: Festive Feasts

Fighting Stains at the Sauce: Festive Feasts

It's no coincidence that some of the biggest feasts of the year take place over the holiday season. Even going back to the stone-age, there is evidence that the biggest feasts took place in what is now late December. Getting everyone together to share in each other's company - and most importantly, good food - helped to celebrate winter being over. Things don't tend to change and all across the world we associate holidays with big, delicious meals with lots of flavour and lots of condiments.

Big flavour often means big stains, and it doesn't take long for the new festive wardrobe to accumulate an array of stains and spots from spilt sauces. So we've put together a menu, made up of a few of the most popular common condiment culprits, taking a look at why they can be so difficult, and how Vanish makes stain removal such a breeze. Make sure to always follow washing instructions on the garment or fabric care label.

For Starter:


Now this isn't technically a sauce, but it is something eaten over the holidays that leaves some particularly tricky stains. Soups often use big bold flavours, with big bold colours waiting to meet your best clothes. Acting straight away, the best tactic for soup stain removal is to rinse, then generously apply 30g of Vanish Gold Oxi Action mixed with a full lid of water, leaving it to work for up to five minutes, before washing with the essential scoop of Vanish.

The Main Course:


Gravy can mean lots of different things all over the world, but here we're referring specifically to a rich brown sauce of thickened meat juices - a must with a roast dinner. The high fat content of the gravy makes these stains particularly tricky, but taking some Vanish Oxi Action Inwash Gel, and gently massaging it into the affected area using the roller ball on the dosing pod, should get to work in dissolving the stubborn fat cells. Then launder with detergent and an extra scoop of Vanish to make sure that the gravy boat has sailed!


The yellow paste is a particularly tricky stain, so speed is your most important ally here. Scrape off as much as you can, but be careful not to damage any of the fibres, and then rub a paste of 30g Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder and a lidful of water into the stain. Leave for five minutes, and then rinse out from the inside. Launder immediately with your regular detergent and an extra scoop of Vanish.

Cranberry Sauce

Like redcurrant sauce, and quince jelly, cranberry sauce is a fruity jelly, packed with lots of the fruit and tons of flavour that can be served with both sweet and savoury dishes. The bright red jelly quickly clings to fibres, but can be easily removed. If you catch it quickly, you can usually run water through the back of the stain to simply rinse it out. If a red mark remains, then some Vanish Oxi Action Inwash Gel applied directly to the stain, with your regular detergent and an extra capful in the wash, will send it packing.

For Dessert:


Cheesecakes, trifles, gateaux and pavlovas, none of these would be complete without a nice thick layer of fruit compote. While the desserts themselves might not pose much of a stain threat, this rich sauce certainly does, and is a potential nightmare for clothing. Apply 2ml of the Vanish Gold Oxi Action Inwash Gel onto the stain by dabbing and blotting, rather than rubbing, to avoid spreading the syrupy stain further. Leave this to soak in for five minutes before laundering with a scoop of Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder to break down the remaining stain.