The Vanish House Guide - the Dining Room

The Vanish House Guide - the Dining Room

Keeping table cloths and napkins in good shape can sometimes seem daunting, especially when it comes to stain removal. Luckily, we have the tips to cleaning them and removing even tough stains so you can relax.

Drink Stains

Coffee and tea stains can be tricky, but we have the solution to remove them. It is important to take action before the hot drink has dried because it will be much easier to get rid of. Whilst the stain is still fresh, simply dab a wet paper towel or cloth onto the stain until it is barely noticeable. To help remove it further, rub in a stain removal product such as New Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder and put it in the wash with an additional lid.

Fruit juice can stain your fabrics, blackcurrant and red grape in particular, as these and other fruits contain tannins. These stains can be easily removed however, and you start by first rinsing the fabric in cold water. After leaving it for 5 minutes, rinse the fabric again, but this time with boiling hot water. If a mark still remains, rub in a paste of Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powderand add a lid in the wash to get rid of the stains for good.

Food Stains

Chocolate can be another tough stain to remove, as it can leave an oily mess due to the cocoa butter. If the stain is still fresh, start by rubbing in a gel based stain removal product, such as the Vanish Preen Powergel, and work it in with the attached rubbing head. Add a lid of Vanish to your wash to make sure you see the optimum stain removal result.

For tough oily food stains, start by pre treating with some Vanish Preen Gold Oxi Action Trigger. Rinse the fabric and put it in the wash with one lid of Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder. Once the cycle is finished your dining room essentials will be looking great once again.

Hopefully cleaning your dining room will not seem such a hassle now, and you will be able to enjoy great meals without having to worry about the threat of stains!

Note: You should always follow washing instructions on the garment or fabric care label.